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The Grange Court Project posed some quite unique challenges. The development is one of old farm buildings converted into dwellings. Access was particularly poor and tight, the ground was badly sloping, drainage poor and the subsoil contained a real tangle of tree roots.

One feature of the project entailed a vast amount of earth to be moved and disposed of, hampered by the poor access. The ground had to be regraded and landscaped, drainage created and installed and sub bases provided for paths and patios.

A deck was to be created at the highest point of the ground, and a staircase installed to access the deck. The deck itself was built around a tree which the owner wished to retain. Retaining walls were created to hold the earth back.

An existing shed was to be moved and a new base provided for it, as was a circular patio for decoration. New paths and a dining area were to complete the construction, and then new topsoil and turf were laid.