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“Preparation is the key to excellent results”

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On this page, we have attempted to show you some of the other work that we do.

Pressure washing is just one aspect of General Maintenence, and we invite you to discuss your requirmements with us. We will happily discuss any aspect not directly covered by this website.

Below can clearly be seen the difference that pressure washing can make to a mature surface. Whether it be concrete, patio slabs or even walls and decking, we can help.

Above, you can see the ground has been excavated and prepared for a tarmac drive, a new garden wall has been constructed, new steps leading up to the front door and the creation of a low maintenance garden.

Today, with the rising costs of storage, many caravanners are looking to keep their caravans at home, and both these properties are being prepared to do just that. The property below had its drive extended in order to keep the caravan in front of the house, whilst the property below wished to use part of the rear garden for a caravan hardstanding and weather port. In both sets of photographs, you can see the progression of these works.

A lot of thought is being given to industrial premises and the first image that customers get from them. Planting projects are a good way to improve the look of factories and offices, and here we see a couple of low maintenance, low cost ideas.