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“Preparation is the key to excellent results”

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Excavation and Ground Preparation Works are a substantial part of our business.

In this field we are able to offer services ranging from ground clearance, ground levelling and terracing, to reinforced base work and onto to more ambitious projects such as the lake extension shown in the photographs below. These works can be complete jobs or simply the preparation for you to complete your own projects.

The photographs here show only a small part of our range, please use our Contact Us page to find out more about this service. We are happy to discuss your project with you with under no obligation. As always:

A view of the original lake area.

Digging out

Area of expansion

The new lake

This lake project entalied scraping away the top soil and moving to a different part of the site for later use, the extension of the original lake to over twice its size, and the material dugout being used to level another part of the site, the new lake being topped out by good top soil. We also erected two pylons to enable the construction of a jetty which we will build later. The excavation work included the digging out and removal of 3000 cubic meters of earth, or around 6ooo tonnes. We now maintain this site for the customer as part of our grass cutting operations.

The project below encompasses three seperate operations, the demolition and removal of an old garage, preparation and digging out for a two story extension, and the digging out in the garden for a large LPG tank, this to be backfilled and landscaped after installation. The pictures below show the three operations in various stages.

The excavation for the LPG tank

Backfilling the tank area with top quality topsoil.

The digging out and preparation for a reinforced concrete base at a soap factory.

The concrete base, power floated and awaiting the construction of a retaining wall, constructed from engineering brick. Remove shuttering around concrete base and make good the roadway.

Reinforced base after powerfloating

Above, we lowered the ground by approx a meter in preparation for the footings for the new property and all drainage works. This is a good view of the intricate footings required for this building.

Above, digging out a new access road to the building plot.